Instagram introduced the Story feature for the first time on August 2, 2017 for the platform. With this feature you can publish a large number of your images with special features throughout the day for your audience. This feature is similar to the My Story feature on the Snap chat platform. On these platforms, images are deleted from this social media after being uploaded in 24 hours, one day. Among other Instagram features, the online video streaming can be called as Live Stories Live Story. Get Streaming and Storying on Instagram, get started with the easy brand and follow the Instagram tutorials.

Use photo and video features in Story and Live Story

To create an Instagram Story, do the following:
  1. At the bottom of your phone’s screen there is a button (+) to select it.
  2. if you want to record video Hold the circular button. Tap the same circle button if you want to take a picture.
  3. If you like to edit your pictures, you can do this in stories with the help of filters and brush.
  4. Press the Done button to save stories. If you want to publish stories, just select the bottom of the page.

If you want to display slideshows in Story Instagram, just repeat these steps. Stores Instagram offers this opportunity, if you want to publish video images from your device’s gallery, this can be done. Just drag the page down on the Instagram page, then your device’s gallery will appear. Once the image is selected, the steps for placing the image are repeated again and you can publish stories by skipping this step. Now you have published your stories, so that Instagram users can see it, click on your circular icon at the top of your page’s feed. If you are unhappy with your stories, you can click on the three dot icon at the top of each photo and video stories and delete it.