Basically, apps like Telegram and Instagram have for some reason not included direct account deletion within the app itself.

so you need to delete your account through the official site of these apps.

Before attempting to delete your telegram account, consider these tips:

  1. Unable to access it after deleting your account !
  2. If your account is being reported by telegram users, you can send a message to a spambot and find out why your account is banned.
  3. After deleting your account, the messages you sent to other users will not be deleted. Just telegram display the word “Deleted Account” instead of your name.

So now that you are sure of deleting your account, follow these steps:

First, enter the site address into your browser.

Step Two: Enter the phone number you want to delete the telegram account for

Step Three: The code is sent to your telegram account. Enter it in the input.

Step Four: Click on the “Delete account” link.

Step Five: Click the “Delete My Account” button.

Finally, after you click “Yes, delete my account”. Your telegram account will be deleted.

You can watch all the steps in the video file below.