In this article, the differences between fake members and offline Telegram members will be explained.

The advantages and disadvantages of fake and offline members will also be mentioned.

In essence, there are no differences in terms of the nature of fake, offline and real members.

offline members

Users register with Telegram using their mobile phone numbers. Such method to authenticate identity makes it difficult for bots to stay active.

However, virtual services that provide mobile numbers can send Telegram codes to users.

Fake telegram members are created by virtual numbers.

Note: these members are not active.

They are unable to view your posts and cannot leave your channel or group at their own will.

So why is there such a reduction in members over time?

The companies that sell virtual numbers also sell them to other parties. The new accounts will eliminate your Telegram sessions and replace them with their own.

The other reason for this is that Telegram typically deletes inactive accounts.

What about offline members?

Users are created in Telegram which view different channels. A third party then comes along and makes changes on the Telegram client version adding new options and services.

Third party companies add users to various commercial channels once users update to new versions.

The user is unaware of this new activity and may not even see the new channel on their channel list. These members are called offline or silent members.

Users are able to view all channels via the original Telegram version by installing both the original Telegram version and the versions provided by these companies. In such case, the user may leave the commercial if it is of no interest.

It is noteworthy that offline members yield an efficiency of 3% to 7% but fake members are unaware of your channel altogether.

In most cases, customers who purchase Telegram members also opt for the Telegram post views service to optimize the exposure of their posts.

The number of offline members leaving your channel is a lot greater than fake members. However, a large number of fake members may leave your channel all at once.

The aim of this article is to eliminate any ambiguities concerning offline and fake members.

Articles about channels and content specific to certain businesses will be uploaded soon. More articles will follow in the near future.

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Offline Telegram members