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Purchasing telegram members is an optimal method of increasing group and channel members. It is a well-known fact that groups and channels with a higher number of members are more trusted.

MemberRoyal provides the most specialized telegram services for users including the purchase of real and fake telegram members. Users are able to purchase any of the telegram member packages to enhance their credibility.

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This will make others in your channel more trustworthy. Or become a more trusted member of your channel. Because always the total members of a channel is a very important criterion for new members.

Telegram channel managers can purchase a package of subscribers to increase their membership.

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Real targeted telegram members can also be added to your group. This service will significantly enhance your business.

We will export members from any group and import them to your groups.

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Please note if after sending amount, not received your order during 24 hrs send us your Transaction ID and your Channel/Group ID here @info_memberroyal

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you can invite your competitor group members to your groups.
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